Chart Audits – “CPR”
Most dental offices have a “gold mine” of new patients just waiting to be asked to come in.  The source of this gold mine is in your office right now, in the form of people that have been patients previously and for one reason or another are not currently active.  If you take the time to “mine” that gold effectively your effort will be richly rewarded.

Patient Reactivation – New Doctor
Reactivation of Patients after New Doctor Purchases a Practice. To reach patients who may not have met the new Dentist who purchased the practice and “invite” them to get back on track with preventive dental care. Offer these patients whatever new patient incentive you currently have going (if any) such as complimentary exam, xrays, or whitening. After all, they are really a new patient!

Leading In A Down Economy
The time since the economy turned bad has flown by and if you are like most, you are faced with challenges in the Dentistry marketplace that were not anticipated. Have you been taking advantage of the opportunities before you, and get stronger during a down market?

Creating A “YES” Culture In Your Practice
When you create a “Yes” culture in your practice, everyone shares a “can do” attitude.  Employees view problems as little glitches – problems in search of creative solutions.   Patients feel attended to, cared for, and well-served.  In a competitive business climate, “Yes” cultures are critical to success.

DISC – A Refresher
A simple chart of the personality styles with a full color document you can download and print.

Greater New York Dental Meeting 2011
These are video excerpts from the presentation called “Case Acceptance Golden Bullet” that Suzanne gave at the Greater New York Dental Meeting on November 28th, 2011.

Breakthrough Leadership:  from Ideas to Impact - Steve Zaffron, CEO of Vanto Group
Some unique and powerful ideas about Leadership from the Author of “The 3 Laws of Performance”.  Excerpt:  Leadership …. is about a future that we’re out to create, not based on any actuality, or clear-cut pathways to get there, but rather on the stand we take for having that future happen. It is something each of us can bring to that with which we’re involved—our day-to-day lives, our families, our communities, our nations. Leaders are ordinary men and women who dare to be related to possibilities bigger than themselves, attracted by the world that’s opened up by their vision and their commitment.

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